2017-2018 PROGRAMMES


In our school days we have read about basic necessities of life as Roti, KapdaaurMakaan . But now a daysMakaan has been replaced with Health & Happiness. To build healthy society & happy society we started campaign Health for All which means that health is to be brought within reach of everyone.


It started its new initiative “Health for All” with a Cancer Awareness & Health Check-up Camp by experienced Doctors of Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital  in Bhatia College at Vani  Vihar for needy who can not afford the fees of doctors. Many women & senior citizens availed the benefit. Doctors were honoured with TulsiGamlas .


“Building of TulsiVatika”& Environment Purification Hawan

YSS started Plantation Drive MISSION GREEN by building TulsiVatika& did Environment  PurificationHawan with community in Vani VIhar Park on 6th March. YSS planted many saplings in the park & honoured the chief diginitories with TulsiGamlas .Padam Shri Dr.RamakantShukal,DrIchharamDwedi presided the occasion.

“Beti Bachao ,Beti Padhao” campaign

We organised a Drawing Compititionunder Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign in NirmalChhaya Ashram, Tihar for underprivileged girls in association with Delhi Collage of Art on 6th March. 85 girls participated in the campaign.They got certificates & refreshment as reward. Their true smiles made our day.

5 June , Plantation in Park

Many trees were planted in the park on 5th of June

“EK Ped Maa ke Naam”

This campaign was run in the park with local residents on 24th of July.They particiated & their mothers’ name was written on Tulsigamlas& many trees planted on this occasion to continue Green Mission.


Many Rakhi workshops were conducted in different schools, centres.Children made colourful homemade RAKHIES for the festival of pure love called Rakshabandan.


Festivals & Colours go hand in hand. August actually month of festivals & festivals bring smiles on faces of little angles.Little angles of Nursery school enjoyed a lot in drawing competition on the eve of Independence Day.They got gifts & refreshment as a reward. Teachers of school fully cooperated on the occasion.

Prabhatferi in Rahgiri style

Yash Sewa Samiti organised an event called Prabhatferi in Rahgiristyle  in Vani Vihar area. It was the time to celebrate first anniversary of Samiti on 3rd of September ,2017 with its supporters, volunteers& well wishers. It started early morning. It  was a combination of new & old.  RWAs of Nandram Park, Vijay Vihar& Vani Vihar participated in it enthusiastically.  It organised fitness exercise for youngsters & oldies like  Yog, & Jumba, Cycling & painting competitions for children, Run for Fun for women & senior citizens. All the participants rocked the occasion. Winners were awarded with certificates & trophies. Our Brand Ambassdor  Sh. Omkar Nath Sharma famous as Medicine Baba honoured the occasion with his presence. He distributed awards & certificates to the winners.

Joy of Receiving with Joy of Giving

Festivals of light brought smiles on faces of senior citizens in old age home, when members of Yash Sewa Samiti celebrated Diwali in Old age Home with them. Members of YSS decorated the house. It started with lightening of Diyas by them.They were served with delicious food & sweets. Samiti   also  distributed gifts & new clothes to them. Kantajia senior citizen told us that this was the first time she was celebrating Diwali  & she was so happy to receive new clothes. She showered blessings upon us.


9 th of Dec.was celebrated as pledge day.51 members of YSS pledged for body, eye, organ donations in the loving memory of Sh. Yashpal Bhatia motivated by DadhichiDehdan Samiti.


As the basic need of Roti ,Kapda, Makaan …Kapda or one cloth can save one life specially in winters. So the Winter Campaign  “EK KAPDA ,EK ZINDAGI  happens in starting of winter so that Kapda can reach to needy before winter.

YSS also collected thousands of surplus clothes,shoes, ew blankets,many sujnies,dari, sheets a collection camp organised by YSS in association with Goonj at Bhatia College in Vani Vihar& handed it over to Goonj for reuse in flood affected areas.

Blanket Distribution

Many blankets were distributed to needyon the roads atmidnight of 13th of Januaryto  save them from harsh cold by Yash Sewa Samiti members.

Shawls  Distribution

Joy of Giving

Shawls were given to blind students studding in different schools, colleges living in Blind welfare Society, Nihal VIhar.


The day was celebrated on 23 of January on the eve of International Girl Child Day on 21 st of January, 2018& supporting the campaign BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO in Delhi Haat in Janakpuri.YSS supported the event with Kalakaar Foundation. Padam Vibhushan, Padamshri Shri Ram Sutarji( Designer of The Statue of Unity)  graced the occasion with his presence. He appreciated & encouraged the girls to make the world record for maximum number of girls painting together. FACE observed the record & awarded the supporters.

Sensitization of women

Women Day was celebrated on 6th of March with sehyogies (maids).A programme of Man ki Shuddhi,Tan ki Shuddhi was organised by YSS. It started withSunderkand Path continued with Awareness Baithak about menstruation hygiene & ended with distribution of sanitary pads & undergarments.

2018-2019 PROGRAMMES

Contribution Drive (Kind Donations)

Month of April brings sigh of relief for all the students as the exams gets over by this time & kids are geared up for promotion to their new classes. Almost every privileged student buy new books,bags,bottles,stationery  uniform etc. & discard the old ones. We requested them not to dump the material but recycle it.

We encouraged  all those kids and parents to participate in this mega drive run  in the month of March.. Privileged students happily agreed to give back to community. They helped the underprivileged   students with books,  bags, stationery, shoes  and uniform etc.

The initiative was very successful as many organizations participated in it. Many kids were benefitted with books, shoes, uniform etc. &many  brilliant students  got their books in time.

To save the childhood YSS paid fees of Ruskin single parent child in 12thstandard  in Holy  International School. Fees was paid by YSS as a total amount of Rs. 44,325 in instalments of Rs.10,000 ,Rs. 5,000, Rs. 5000 cheques& cash.

Samiti arranged books for 11thclass students & school kits for many students of 4th& 5th class.

Marriage of an orphan girl Sona

Samiti managed the marriage ceremony of Sona with cheque ,clothes,cash,Jewellery etc. with the help of members & locals.


There are a lot of people who struggle to make ends meet and are yet not able to afford a meal for their family we help such people survive and lead a respectful life. We help such senior citizens,physically handicapped, feeding mothers and the less fortunate by donating groceries and other items of need to help them sustain and live a respectable life.

 It started in April 2018 when we got a call at random from a handicapped lady of 48 years named Neeta , she explained her situation that many NGO’s in the city give Ration to only senior citizens and hence she was unable to get any help.

It got us thinking and we figured there must be many like her who were not able to ask for help.

We started collecting Rs 100 from our friends &nearby people and it summed up to be a good enough amount for her monthly ration.

This made us start Monthly Ration Suvidha campaign  AAHARwherein we collect a small amount of Rs.100/month from an individual which in turn helps us feed a family.We provide monthly ration suvidha to needy citizens irrespective of their age or any other factors.

Now we are providing ration to 14 persons including feeding mothers & sehyogies like Neeta, Prabha, Manju, Shabana, Tarana, Anita, Kanti,Meenu,Kiran, Rani , Asha ,Shahbaj, Aniletc.


In our school days we have read about basic necessities of life as Roti, Kapdaaur Makaan . But now a days Makaan has been replaced with Health & Happiness.

Health For All means that health is to be brought within reach of everyone .To continue its campaign Health for All, YSS organized Health Camps cum awareness camps in schools with free medicines.

As the belief healthy mind lives in healthy body , we inculcate good habits in students through such awareness cum health camps. So that they can lead healthy,stressfree& happy life throughout .


Under BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO campaign a programme was organized specially for the girls who can not afford heavy fees for summer camps.Yash Sewa Samiti organized Masti ki Pathshalatotally free for such girls&mothers .All  women, seniors citizens& girls  participated in the programme with enthusiasm. 25TH May to 1 June was a week of ChaloGaon ki Or (Back to Roots).

All the women & kids were motivated to play the less popular games as Kho-Kho, PithuGaram, KokilaChhipaki , Sac Race, lemon race, Three Legs Race etc. in summer vacations.Purpose is to inculcate good habits in them to keep the surroundings clean,to go green ,to save trees ,to save water & to perform better in the field of their interest like drawing, painting, singing, yoga, dance & less popular outdoor games like pitthugarm, kho- kho, lemon race, skipping, cycling ,dog & the bone etc.From 2nd June to 10th June , A free Self Defence Camp& Yoga  was also organized for girls & women.

On 5th of June on Environmental Day Plants & saplings were planted in the park.

After  all the programmes all the participants were honoured with Medals, certificates  & trophies. Hence they changed  the Hot Summer to FUNTASTIC  SUMMER.


We collected unused new clothes, utensils, sewing machine etc. from different families. We helped  a poor family to marry their girl.with clothes ,utensils, gifts etc. with cash of Rs 15,000.


Kerala floods left  many families homeless. So people suffered a lot without food, no clothes & no shelter. Yash Sewa S amiti also tried to send some relief to flood victims. YSS collected 1200 clothes ( suits, sarees, pants, shirts, kids wears,wollens,  bedsheets,blankets,curtains etc.),  many pair of shoes, & dry ration including  20 kg pulses, 20 kg rice, 20 kg sugar , 20 packs of tea leaves, many spices ,utensils etc. and sent it to flood victims in well packed bags.


A small step from the end of every Indian citizen can be a big step for fulfilling  the purpose of  MISSION  CLEAN and children are the best way to bring a  change in  the society. We should motivate them towards  imbibing this quality of cleanliness in their day to day life.

We motivated students of Paradise Public School  toclean their classrooms, school, and surroundings all together.They awared the community with this drive. They  spread a msg to use dustbins & not to throw garbage in streets.

Mission Clean continues with FEEDING Drive

With Joy of Giving

In SHRAADDAS ,it is the ritual to pay homage to one’s ancestors,especially to one’s dead parents. To pay Homage means cooked food is offered to cows, crows or dogs so that it may reach their dead parents. In this performance food is laid here & there on the road side .

We started an initiative to convince people to feed it to somebody in need or gave them dry ration. It was very successful initiative . Many people started to donate it to somebody in need & also become a part of our another initiative

AAHAR (FOOD) a Monthly Ration Suvidha.

Now we are giving  dry ration to 14 people & feeding many others.

Navratri  Puja (Joy of Giving)

In Navratri Puja we  motivated many people to give stationary material, bags ,uniform, shoes etc. to children instead of giving them cooked food which is wasted by them .In start it was a small initiative for lacals but now it is a JOY of GIVING week for needy in govt. schools, slums etc.

Swachhta ki Saksharata a National Seminar

Programme was organized by TOBACCGO

Yash Sewa Samiti was awarded for its cleanliness drives .SWACHHATA  GEET written by Sarita Bhatia was selected& placed in first 3. Out of 10 videos.


We celebrated Diwali with Sehyogis.our helpers in one way or another.We reached at their houses & offered them gifts ,sweets etc. This was a great surprise for them to recieve  gifts with much respect in their life time. Their smiles enlightened our Diwali.


Marriages of Rekha , a girl of presswala from Nandram park&Shivani a girl of heart patient from Mngolpuri Delhi.

Mission Green, Mission Clean 

All the residents of  the area cleaned the streets.Environment purification Hawan was performed in the street to beat the pollution . Residents were motivated to do PANCH  KUNDIYA hawan in street  to purify the air.


As the basic need of Roti ,Kapda, Makaan … Kapda or one  warm cloth can save one life specially in winters. So the Winter Campaign  “EK KAPDA ,EK ZINDAGI  happens in starting of winter so that cloth can reach to needy before winter.

As the winter begins there are many  for whom winter is harsh & unbearable. They can live without food , without roof but how it is possible for them to live without  warm clothes. So we started a campaign called warm hugs & motivated people to donate their old clothes with receivers dignity.

We collected thousands of clothes , many  pair of shoes, beddings, blankets, quilts etc. as the Urban waste and handed it over  to The Earth Foundation .


SAKHI BAITHAKS  are conducted for ladies to aware them about the periods time to time.

ON women day programme started with HAWAN & then session about periods for sehyogis. All the sehyogis were awared about sanitation also. Sanitory napkins & dustbins were distributed to them in SWACHHATA KI PATHSHALA …


YASH SEWA SAMITI started a new initiative for women called Aadharshila Basic Courses for training the women with skills to make them se;f reliant & to give them employability. It gave wings to their dreams. So that they can meet the needs of family easily.We are helping to train women in stitching,beautician, jewellery making, pickles &murabba making, cooking courses etc. They are trained with nominal fees so that they can afford their family a better life with good health habits they learn there.


  • Reduction in domestic violence cases.
  • Respect among the community and society.
  • Reduction in female foeticide.
  • Scope of income generation. 
  • Improvement in Hygiene and sanitation. 
  • Fewer incidents of child marriage.
  • Knowledge regarding menstruation inculcated.