Q: What does Yash Sewa Samiti do?

Ans: We deal with all kinds of unused & underutilized material with dignity for needy & for marriages of underprivileged girls. We also provide Ration to needy citizens irrespective of their age & feeding mothers. Addressing educational needs to improve infrastructure & eminence in education.

Q: How was YSS formed? Who formed it and why?

Ans: Yash Sewa Samiti was found with the motto to serve the needy based on the principles of Late Sh.Yash Pal Bhatia who being a teacher had touched many lives and spent his life serving the people.Drawing inspiration from him Sarita Bhatia with friends strive to carry forward his legacy by serving the society and its members in need, So YSS came into being on 3rd Sep,2016.

Q: Are you a registered body?

Ans: Yes, YSS is registered under Societies Act. It is also registered for exemption under section 80 G, 12 A.

Q: Where do you have your formal office?

Ans: YSS has formal office at Vani Vihar,Uttam Nagar in New Delhi.

Q: What all can I give/contribute?

Ans: You can give anything, which is not being used at your home, office or community. We take clothes, household items, stationary, old news papers, furniture, bedding, export surplus, generators, medicines, dry ration, blankets etc.

Q: You also take old newspapers and other waste papers like magazines, torn books ,copies etc. What do you do with these things?

Ans: The old newspapers are either turned into paper bags or sold with torn books ,copies etc.to raise funds for our work.

Q. I really like your work and would like to volunteer with you? What opportunities are there for volunteers?

Ans: Good to know that you wish to connect with our work. There are many ways in which you can volunteer with your time, skills and networking.You are requested to fill up this volunteering form.

Q. How do you raise funds for regular functioning?

Ans: YSS manages its funds through income from different sources.

  • Self-generated income from various fund raising activities like sale of old newspapers,copies,books.
  • Through sale of products from recycled material in Go green.
  • Individual donations: from people who observe closely our work & appreciate the same with monetary help.

Q: How do I make monetary contribution to Yash Sewa Samiti?


  • For Direct/Online Contribution 
  • You can also make a cheque / draft in the name of Yash Sewa Samiti and send to Yash Sewa Samiti, R-169, Vani Vihar, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi -59.Phone number: 9810009863.
  • For receipt purpose, please send your name, amount, email ID, tel no. and address to yashsewasamiti@gmail.com, with date & mode of transfer, transfer code/ cheque number, Bank’s name and location with last 4 digits of your account number.

Q: Why do you need monetary support?

Ans: Money is needed for expenses on transportation, storage space, and manpower for sorting, packing etc, office expenses and team salaries.

Q: How much tax exemption will I get for my monetary contribution to Yash Sewa Samiti?

Ans: 50% tax exemption.