AAHAR (Food) ‘Monthly Ration Suvidha’

AAHAR (Food)  ‘Monthly Ration Suvidha’

There are a lot of people who struggle to make ends meet and are yet not able to afford a meal for their family we help such people survive and lead a respectful life. We help such senior citizens,physically handicapped, feeding mothers and the less fortunate by donating groceries and other items of need to help them sustain and live a respectable life.

Story of Neeta

It started in April 2018 when we got a call at random from a handicapped lady of 48 years named Neeta , she explained her situation that many NGO’s in the city give ration to only senior citizens and hence she was unable to get any help.

We started collecting Rs 100 from our friends &near by people and it summed up to be a good enough amount for her monthly ration.

It got us thinking and we figured there must be many like her who were not able to ask for help.

This made us start Monthly Ration Suvidha campaign called AAHAR (Food) wherein we collect a small amount of Rs.100/month from an individual which in turn helps us feed a family.

A lot of people have come forward and helped in this noble task by pledging to donate Rs.100/month, this small contribution has helped us make a big change to many families who were able to get nutrition just because of this noble gesture.  

We provide monthly ration suvidha to needy citizens irrespective of their age or any other factors.  

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